What’s new

Version 2.4.0

Features added

Incompatible changes

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a 1-frame glitch when calling setAnimation on moving sprites

Version 2.3.0

Features added

Incompatible changes

  • Now a warning or an error is shown on the console if some functions are used incorrectly, or if a sprite or resource name is overwritten

Bugs fixed

Version 2.2.0

Features added

  • Removed the jQuery dependency for all but the DOM backend

  • Implemented the frigame.domready.js plugin that provides the friGame.ready function

  • A previuosly created HTML5 <canvas> element can be passed as the parentDOM to the playground function

  • Various speed improvements

  • Sprites and sprite groups now have a getAbsRect function, that can be used to check for collisions for sprites that belong to different sprite groups

  • Sprite groups can have a border, and rounded corners

  • Implemented the frameset parameter for animations

  • Implemented the forceRedraw function

  • The Sound Plugin now supports the Ogg/Opus and mp4/aac audio formats

  • Implemented the friGame.delay function in the Tweening Plugin

Incompatible changes

  • The playgroundCallback no longer takes a jQuery object as a parameter, but a native DOM element instead

  • The Sound Plugin now depends on the frigame.domready.js plugin

  • When removing a sprite using the remove function, if its userData has a remove() method, it will be called automatically

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed audio muting on some implementations

  • Fixed image preloading on some implementations

Version 2.1.1

Features added

  • Sprites and sprite groups now have a removeTween and a clearTweens function, in order to remove a specific tweening, or all the tweenings registered with tween.

Incompatible changes

  • The experimental absRect property for sprites and groups has been removed as it slowed down too much the rendering of the scene.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed sloppy animation in the DOM renderer

  • Don’t retrigger the animation from the beginning when changing only the refresh rate in setAnimation

  • Reset the callback and paused state when changing animations

  • Calling the startGame and stopGame functions from a callback registered with registerCallback did not work properly.

Version 2.1.0

Features added

  • The sprites and sprite groups now have an experimental absRect property, that can be used to check for collisions for sprites that belong to different sprite groups

  • Sprites and sprite groups now have a removeCallback function, in order to remove a specific callback function registered with registerCallback.

  • Only the sprites and sprite groups that are within the playground boundaries are drawn. This should increase performance in large games.

  • friGame uses, and makes available the performance.now function even in older browsers.

  • The frigame.fx.js plugin has been refactored, and it now introduces a generic tween function in order to implement tweening for all the properties of sprites and sounds.

  • The Sound Plugin now uses the Web Audio API where available, with fallback to HTML5 Audio and Flash, as usual

  • When using the Tweening Plugin in conjunction with the Sound Plugin, it is possible to fade the audio volume, by using the generic tween function.

Incompatible changes

  • Removed the rate argument from the startGame function. Changing the refresh rate had always been buggy, and it was never really used in any of the games that I’m aware of.

  • The target refresh rate has been changed from 30 FPS to 60 FPS. Its value, expressed in milliseconds, can be found in the constant friGame.REFRESH_RATE, and it is recommended to use this constant, instead of assuming that the target refresh rate will always be 60 FPS.

Because of these changes, declaring a callback function, for example using registerCallback, without specifying the rate argument, results in the callback function being called twice as fast as before.

  • The userData attribute of sprites is now initialized to null instead of an empty object. Any code that assumed this attribute to be a valid object, must explicitly initialize it first.

Bugs fixed

  • Accept a scaling value of 0 for sprites

  • When returning true from a callback registered with registerCallback in order to stop it, the wrong callback was removed from the queue.

  • Allow calling the startGame function recursively, and allow calling stopGame from the callback