Other Standard Plugins

DOM Ready

The frigame.domready.js file provides a callback function to be executed when the DOM is fully loaded.

It is recommended to include this plugin right after the renderer, before any other plugin, so that any plugin that depends on the DOM Ready event can be used.


This function specifies a function to be called when the DOM is fully loaded. If this function is called more than once, all the callbacks will be called in the same order as the friGame.ready function calls.

New in version 2.2.0.

  • callback – The function to call


The friGame object

The callback function will be called with the following parameters:

  • this

    The friGame object


friGame.ready(function () {
        .addAnimation('player', 'player.png')

    friGame.startGame(function () {
            .addSprite('player', {animation: 'player'})

Keyboard Tracker

The frigame.keytracker.js file provides two objects that simplify the handling of the keyboard.


This objects defines constants that map to the keyCode attribute of keydown and keyup event objects.

The following constants are defined:

  • backspace

  • tab

  • enter

  • shift

  • ctrl

  • alt

  • pause

  • caps

  • escape

  • space

  • pageup

  • pagedown

  • end

  • home

  • left

  • up

  • right

  • down

  • insert

  • del

In addition to these constants, the letters from A to Z (always in uppercase), the 0 to 9, the num0 to num9, and the f1 to f12 constants are defined.


$(document).keydown(function (e) {
        keycode = friGame.keyCodes[e.keyCode]

    if (keycode === 'K') {
        // The K key has been pressed
    } else if (keycode === 'space') {
        // The space key has been pressed

The keyTracker object stores the current state of the keyboard, and it can be used anytime in the game to check whether a key is pressed. The object is indexed by the constants defined in the keyCodes object, and if the value is true the key is pressed.


if (friGame.keyTracker.K) {
    // The K key is currently pressed
} else if (friGame.keyTracker.space) {
    // The space key is currently pressed

Mouse Tracker

The frigame.mousetracker.js file provides an object that simplifies the handling of the mouse.


The mouseTracker object stores the current state of the mouse, and it can be used anytime in the game to check the mouse position and the buttons that are pressed.

The x and y attributes store the current mouse position relative to the playground origin. The upper left corner of the playground will always be with x and y set to 0 regardless of its position relative to the document.

The 1, 2, and 3 attributes are true if the left, middle or right button are pressed respectively.


if (friGame.mouseTracker['1']) {
    // The left button is currently pressed

mouse_x = friGame.mouseTracker.x;
mouse_y = friGame.mouseTracker.y;