Common pitfalls

Animations and sounds have the same namespace

Every resource managed by the Resource Manager, including Animations and Sounds are all in the same friGame.resources namespace, and for this reason their name must be unique.

For example a sound cannot have the same name of an animation.

It is recommended to prefix the sound names, for example with the snd prefix, in order to avoid conflicts.


    .addAnimation('powerdown', [IMAGE_PATH, 'tiles.png'].join('/'), {
        frameWidth: 16,
        frameHeight: 16,
        offsetx: 112,
        offsety: 96
    .addSound('sndPowerdown', [
        [SOUND_PATH, 'powerdown.ogg'].join('/'),
        [SOUND_PATH, 'powerdown.mp3'].join('/'),
        [SOUND_PATH, 'powerdown.wav'].join('/')

Beware of the callbacks return value when using CoffeeScript

When a function has no explicit return statement in JavaScript, the value returned from the function is undefined, which is falsy.

The callback functions registered with registerCallback are called as long as their return value is falsy (null, undefined, false, 0, or empty string), so a callback function can safely omit the return statement in JavaScript.

In CoffeeScript however, when omitting the return statement, the function implicitly returns the result of the last expression in the function, whose value is no longer guaranteed to be falsy (null, undefined, false, 0, or empty string), which results in the callback function being called only once, and then immediately removed from the callback queue.


friGame.playground().registerCallback(() ->
        centerx: friGame.sprites.player.centerx + friGame.sprites.player.userData.speed

    # The explicit return statement here is needed, because if omitted, CoffeeScript would
    # automatically return the result of the last expression, which is not falsy, resulting
    # in the callback not being called anymore